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Koopa Kart Wii is the sixth installment in the Koopa Kart series. It released on June 10, 2010 for Japan, June 11, 2010 for Europe, June 24, 2010 for Australia, and June 27, 2010 for America. It came out two months after Dry Bones Kart Wii came out. It previously used Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, but since May 19, 2014, it now uses Fanon Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Unlike the previous Koopa Kart games, Koopa Kart Wii has sixteen racers on each course instead of twelve.


Koopa Kart Wii retains most of the elements from previous Koopa Kart games, especially Koopa Kart DS. Players select a racer from a cast of Koopa characters, who are all divided into size categories in relation to their stats, and they need to select a vehicle from the class they belong in, all with their own stats. All races start with players at a line corresponding to their proper position, where Lakitu signals the countdown time. Once the time is finished, players race three laps around a race course in an attempt to be first of the pack. Once the third lap is completed, players are ranked points depending on how well they placed in the race. While every previous Koopa Kart game allows for a maximum of twelve racers on each course, Koopa Kart Wii allows up to sixteen racers on the course at a time. In Grand Prix and VS mode, player characters always start out on the latter positions; once they finish the race, their position is saved as they move on to the next race.

Motorbikes are introduced in this game, alongside having a wider variety of karts to select from. Motorbikes can perform wheelies to increase top speed on straights, though motorbikes cannot perform the most powerful Mini-Turbo that karts can. Motorbikes also come in two classes: drift type and hang-on type. Drift type bikes drift in a similar way to karts, while hang-on type bikes commit to the turn instead.

Another new change is the point system used for Grand Prix races. With sixteen racers competing in each race, the point value has increased. Also, 6th and 7th place are not losing positions. The following chart shows the difference of the point spreads from previous games to this installment.

Placement ScoresEdit

Color Coding

  • Green: Winning Results (1st)
  • Yellow: Moderate Results (2nd-7th)
  • Red: Losing Results (8th-16th)


To know the chance of getting these items, see Koopa Kart Wii/Item Probabilities.

Koopa Kart Wii includes three new items: the Mega Mushroom, POW Block, and Lightning Cloud. Items can be earned by driving through Item Boxes on the courses, just like in previous games. Once a player has done so, an item will be selected via the Item Roulette. Players can use items by pressing Template:Button. In general, players tend to obtain a weak item such as a Banana Peel or a Green Shell when they are in first. However, if players are in a lower place, they obtain a slightly more powerful item such as a Red Shell or Lightning Bolt is more frequent. Usually, the lower the place of the player, the rarer and more powerful the item they get. Starmen, Mega Mushrooms, and Bullet Bill are examples of powerful items as they provide speed boosts and invincibility. This is the only game in the Dry Bones Kart series where the drivers do not vocally react to getting inked by a Blooper. The Banana Bunch from Koopa Kart 64 and Koopa Kart: Super Circuit (which is absent from Koopa Kart: Double Dash!! and Koopa Kart DS) returns to the series in this game and stays in the series starting with this game, as well as the Poison Mushroom from Super Koopa Kart, although HammerBro101 has redesigned the latter into what would become its Super Mario 3D Land design.

Image Name Description
Mushroom - Koopa Kart Wii Mushroom Gives players a short speed boost that ignores terrain.
Triple Mushroom - Koopa Kart Wii Triple Mushrooms Gives players three Mushrooms, which give separate boosts. It is the default item in Time Trial mode.
Golden Mushroom - Koopa Kart Wii Golden Mushroom The driver gets an infinite number of mushroom boosts for 7.5 seconds.
Poison Mushroom - Koopa Kart Wii Poison Mushroom The driver slows down when he touches it. Can be placed on the track, held behind the kart, and blocks items.
Mega Mushroom - Koopa Kart Wii Mega Mushroom
New Item
The driver grows bigger, which allows them to squash other racers by running over them, making them lose their items and slow down for a moment. The Mega Mushroom makes the racer invincible to all attacks except those from Stars, Bullet Bills, and Bloopers. It allows the user destroy items and course obstacles and gives the driver a speed boost. In addition, the player can go off-road without suffering any effect of slowing down. The effect lasts for 7.5 seconds but will be ended prematurely if the player is hit by a Lightning Bolt.
Boo - Koopa Kart Wii Boo Unleashes Boo, who turns you invisible for a brief time, making you impervious to enemy attacks, and steals an opponent's item.
Item Box - Koopa Kart Wii Item Box When a driver runs into an Item Box, they will obtain an item, depending on their rank on the current race course.
Fake Item Box - Koopa Kart Wii Fake Item Box This item imitates an Item Box, but is colored red and has an upside down question mark. It causes opponents to flip over once hit. It cannot block item attacks.
Banana - Koopa Kart Wii Banana When drivers run into a Banana, it causes them to slip and slow down. It can also be held behind the player's vehicle to block attacks from shells and other vehicles.
Triple Banana - Koopa Kart Wii Triple Banana This item gives the driver a trail of three bananas.
Banana Bunch - Koopa Kart Wii Banana Bunch This item gives the driver a trail of five bananas.
Green Shell - Koopa Kart Wii Green Shell A basic green shell that can be thrown forwards and backwards. It bounces off obstacles several times before it hits an opponent or is destroyed.
Triple Green Shell - Koopa Kart Wii Triple Green Shell Three green shells that surround the racer until released. These can also be thrown forward or backward.
Red Shell - Koopa Kart Wii Red Shell A fragile shell that tracks the nearest opponent when fired forward. Will break if it hits an obstacle.
Triple Red Shell - Koopa Kart Wii Triple Red Shell Three red shells that surround the racer until released.
Blue Spiny Shell - Koopa Kart Wii Blue Spiny Shell A blue shell that flies directly to the racer in first place and explodes like a Bob-omb.
Starman - Koopa Kart Wii Starman The driver obtains total invincibility for 7.5 seconds, allowing them to knock over items, course obstacles, and other players on contact. Also, the driver receives a speed boost and the power to drive off-road with no speed loss. Racers that are hit will lose all items in their possession.
Lightning Bolt - Koopa Kart Wii Lightning Bolt Lightning strikes every racer ahead of the user, causing them to spin out, drop their items and shrink to very small size, driving more slowly. This item takes no effect on racers with invincibility items activated. The effects wear off from lowest place to first. Any users with the Mega Mushroom in effect shrink to normal size.
Lightning Cloud - Koopa Kart Wii Lightning Cloud
New Item
A thundercloud hovers over the recipient and strikes it with lightning after ten seconds. The user shrinks to very small size for 10 seconds, driving more slowly. Before this happens, the user has higher speed and acceleration while not losing speed when driving off-road, and may pass the cloud to an opponent by bumping into them.
Bob-omb - Koopa Kart Wii Bob-omb Blows up a racer anywhere on the track. Has the same effect as the spiny shell except that it can be lobbed or tossed backwards just like a banana.
Blooper - Koopa Kart Wii Blooper Squirts ink on any racer ahead of the user, partially obscuring vision. It eventually wears off, but can be immediately removed by a speed boost from a mushroom or boost tile, etc.
Bullet Bill - Koopa Kart Wii Bullet Bill Transforms the racer into a large bullet bill, which rockets down the entire track at very high speeds on auto-pilot. The Bullet Bill provides total invincibility and will knock over any item, any course hazard and any player that is in the way, making them lose or drop all their items.
POW Block - Koopa Kart Wii POW Block
New Item
A POW Block appears above the user's kart and causes any racer on the ground ahead of the user to spin out and drop their items. Players who deploy the wheelie button get a milder version of the effect. The POW Block will not affect any player who is in the air.


  • In Koopa Kart 7, HammerBro101 removed all three items he introduced to Koopa Kart Wii and replaced them with the Gold POW Block, Super Mega Mushroom, and Lakithunder Cloud.
  • This is the first Koopa Kart game to return items that HammerBro101 hasn't brought back for at least ten years. He brings back the Banana Bunch from Koopa Kart 64 and the Poison Mushroom from Super Koopa Kart.
    • This is the last Koopa Kart game for the Golden Mushroom to have a crown on its head. Later games would remove the crown from its head.
  • This is the Boo's most recent Koopa Kart appearance, as well as the last game for gravity to affect the Fake Item Box and the item itself to not block items. Later games would give the Fake Item Box the ability to block items again and float in mid-air.
  • This is the last game where last place (16th for this game and 12th for previous games) gives the player zero points. Later games would give 4th place or lower one extra point.




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